About worries

The Bible contains verses that encourage us not to worry, be afraid, or be anxious. As we will see in the lines below, worries steal our inner peace, make us feel unease, and above all, their primary purpose is to break our relationship with our Heavenly Father through disbelief. Worries damage our faith in God.

According to scholars, the Bible contains 365 verses that warn us not to worry or fear. We have one for each day of the year, right?

Still, why is it important to let go of fear, anxiety, and worry in our life? What damage do they bring, and how does that damage affect our spiritual and even physical life?

It is essential to remember that fear and worries paralyze our faith and weaken it. Whenever we worry, we try to take things in our hands and solve problems beyond our power and control. Some things are not meant to be our responsibilities. They suck the life out of us, leaving us drained and hurt. Moreover, when we worry, we are distracted from our primary focus>God. We start to focus on earthly things, forgetting that these material possessions should not be our goal, just like Matthew 5:32-33 says: ”For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. 33But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

God is our Father, a Faithful one. He can’t be compared to our earthly ones because He is sinless and flawless. He is God. Though it’s hard to understand and see Him accordingly, He will never leave or forsake us. We are His children, and He has our best interests in His plans. He doesn’t want us worried because worry leads to an exaggerated preoccupation with earthly things that might steal our true calling and love. Worry is the opposite of faith. It bears with it fear, and people can do silly things out of anxiety and fear. Reckless deeds. Fear builds a thick wall between our Father and us.

Worries are sins. The only way to overpower them is to trust God, His timing, love, and plans. It is a complex and slow process, but the waiting fruits are worth it.

More importantly, worries can’t fix a problem or resolve it. Have you been able to come to this conclusion? Because I have. I tended to believe that if I worried, I had control, but that was just an illusion. Their only seeds were fear, disbelief, anxiety, and even loss of peace. Nothing good can ever come from worries, but good comes from allowing God to do what He does best> help and provide for us. I do believe that He is a Good Father to His children.

Let me know how this worrying journey has been for you so far.


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